Commercial Pizza Dough Roller Pizza Making Equipment Dough Sheeter

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Key Features

The Heavy Duty Pizza Dough Sheeter/Roller is an efficient two stagemachine featuring a front infeed and discharge. Ergonomic design makes it easyand simple to operate.

Pizzaand pie shells are made easily with this compact, counter top design. Thefloured dough ball is dropped into the top hopper, then the sheeted dough pieceis manually fed through the second set of rollers.

Specification of pizza roller / pizza sheeter


3.5”(8.89 cm) diameter 20” by (51.80 cm) length


Synthetic, spring-loaded, easily removable


Permanently lubricated sealed ball bearings

Pizza thickness

0.04”- 0.8” (1-20mm)


600 pcs / hour

Gear Motor

Heavy-Duty 1 HP (8 Amps)


1 Phase for 115V-240V

Machine size

37” x 28” x37” (830x700x830 mm)


135 kgs (298 lbs)


175 kgs (385 lbs)

  • Features
  • Pizza, Pasta, Focaccia, Roti, Calzones, Dessert Pie Crusts, Flour Tortillas, Pita Bread
  • All-In-Front ergonomic designs saves space
  • Heat-treated steel alloy gear mechanism for durability
  • Small footprint can be suitable for countertops
  • Push button control offers one-touch convenience
  • Adjustable handle controls output thickness with easy turn
  • Overload protection & Safety device conform to Health standard
  • Power white paint and heat treated to resist rust, scratches, and dents
  • Domino's Pizza and related pizza shops used.

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  • Minimum Order:1

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Small Order Recommendation

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